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Impact Glass




Rare Guang Dong Tectites
Very unusual shape of tectites, these have flying marks. Looking like flow lines, on some very rares specimens, these lines show that the tectite was spinning during its fly. These tectites are really impossible to get, so grab them now

        Tektite available here

 Tektites (of the Greek tektos, means molten)

Lybian Glass




Lybian glass

Libyan desert glass, 29 million years ago was probably formed when an asteroid or comet hit the surface of the earth like a huge atomic bomb

Lybian glass available here

Lybian glass artefact

During the neolithic time, about 10000 years ago, men discovered this glass. It was used as a substitute for flintstone, one can find artefacts formed as sharp blades and graters.

Lybian artefact here


Moldavite from Besednice, Bohemia
Czech Republic

 they were formed during the impact of a large meteorite, or comet nuclei, with the Earth’s surface.

Moldavite available here

Carved Moldavite

Moldavite hand made carving


Carved moldavite here

Moldavite pendant

sterling silver moldavite pendant  with rare moldavite... besednice type !

More moldavite pendant here !


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