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Links and References

If you would like to learn more about meteorites and meteoritics, there are several great educational and scientific sites on the web, provided by universities and institutions, scientists and private collectors, that we would like to recommend for your further studies. Just click on the hyperlinks below - they will take you deeper into the most fascinating world of meteorites and meteoritics. In addition, we would like to recommend some selected publications - books and periodicals that are indispensable for any further study of meteorites and meteoritics. Without the wealth of information provided by these excellent sources, it would not have been possible to create the educational parts of our website. A meteoroid, glowing hot upon entering the atmosphere
An Artistic Take of a Bolide


The Meteoritical Society

The Meteoritical Society is devoted to the study of meteorites and their relation to the origin and history of the solar system. In fact, it is the organization that approves new meteorites and meteorite names.

The Meteoritical Bulletin

This is another website provided by the Meteoritical Society. It comprises the listings of newly recognized and reclassified meteorites, as accepted by the Nomenclature Committee of the Meteoritical Society.

Martian Meteorites

A comprehensive site about martian meteorites and related topics, provided by Ron Baalke, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA. It lists all known martian meteorites and contains a wealth of links about Mars and martian meteorites - highly recommended!

Lunar Meteorites

A great site about lunar meteorites, created by Randy L. Korotev, Departement of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University. It contains a list of all known lunar meteorites, as well as a wealth of information about related topics.

David Weir's Meteorite Studies

Another comprehensive site about meteorites. With the help of pictures from his private collection, David Weir introduces us into the systematic classification of meteorites through photographs. One of the best educational sites on the web!

Meteorite Central

Meteorite Central is a community site, providing basic information about meteorites, a lot of related links, and an interesting news section. Besides that, it is the home of the Meteorite Mailing List, a most useful forum for everyone who is interested in meteorites.


MAPS - Meteoritics & Planetary Science

Meteoritics & Planetary Science

Meteoritics & Planetary Science, also known as MAPS, is the official monthly journal of the Meteoritical Society. It contains articles on major topics in planetary science and meteoritics, written by scientists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines including astronomy, chemistry, geology, physics, and biology. Once in a year, MAPS also publishes the Meteoritical Bulletin.

Medium to advanced content. Highly recommended for any serious study of meteoritics and planetary science!

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Meteorite - Quarterly Magazine by Pallasite Press

Meteorite - Quarterly Magazine

The Meteorite magazine is an international quarterly on meteorites and meteoritics. Its feature article topics include meteorite collecting and collections, scientific research, new falls and finds, asteroids, craters, tektites, historical events, new discoveries, and more. Please visit the Meteorite website to get a sneak preview of the current issue.

Beginner to medium content. If you like hiqh-quality pictures of meteorites and thin sections, Meteorite should be the magazine of your choice!

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Grady: Catalogue of Meteorites, 5th edition

Grady, Monica M.:
Catalogue of Meteorites
5th edition (August 2000)

With more than 22,500 records, this is the one and only complete catalogue of all authenticated meteorites that have been recognized up to December 1999, including those from Antarctica and the hot deserts. It is accompanied by a CD-ROM, including a complete, fully searchable database. A must for serious collectors and scientists.

Usually available through bookstores or online through Price: $150.00

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McSween: Meteorites and Their Parent Planets, 2nd edition

McSween, Harry Y.:
Meteorites and Their Parent Planets
2nd edition (March 1999)

A most fascinating book that is suitable for beginners and advanced collectors. It provides an engrossing overview of a highly interdisciplinary field - the study of meteorites and their origins within our solar system. If you are interested in how we know that some meteorites actually are pieces of Vesta, Mars, or the Moon, this book is a must read!

Usually available through bookstores or online through Price: $29.95

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Norton: Rocks from Space, 2nd edition

Norton, O. Richard:
Rocks from Space
2nd edition (March 1998)

A popular, nontechnical introduction to meteorites, asteroids, comets, and impact craters. It also contains some most interesting chapters about the discovery and recovery of the largest iron meteorites as well as most fascinating portraits of famous meteorite hunters, such as Harvey H. Nininger and Bob Haag. Very suitable for the beginner and a most inspiring lecture for the advanced collector.

Usually available through bookstores or online through Price: $32.00

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