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CB Group

The meteorites of this newly designated group are named for their type specimen Bencubbin, which has been found in Australia in 1930.The bencubbinites are strange meteorites that contain more than 50% nickel-iron. If you consider this, they could be easily regarded as true stony-irons, but their mineralogical and chemical properties clearly put them into the clan of the carbonaceous chondrites, or more strictly speaking into the CR clan. Besides the free metal, they contain highly reduced silicates as well as armed chondrules similar to those found in the members of the CR group. Some members of the CB group also contain CAIs; e.g. the meteorite HaH 237 from Libya, which was previously classified as a metal-rich CH chondrite.


Found July 30, 1930

TKW 118.4 kg

the type specimen for the familly!!!!

Bencubbin 00

thin slice



Bencubbin 01

slice with exterior



Bencubbin 02

very nice thin slice




Bencubbin 03

ultra thin slice



Bencubbin 04

the thinnest slice of all !



Bencubbin 05

very nice  slice


Bencubbin 06

Nice rectangular piece !





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