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CO Group

The meteorites of this group are named for their type specimen Ornans that fell in France in 1868 - by that, not far from our home in the French department Doubs. There are only about 25 members of this group if we don't count all the probable pairings - especially from the Dar al Gani region, Libya, where many COs have been found. It's more than probable that all Dar al Gani COs arrived in one or two distinct falls.

All members of this group of carbonaceous chondrites belong to the petrologic type 3, and they show a certain relation to the CV group when it comes to chemistry and composition. Therefore, many researchers suppose that the CV and the CO group represent a distinct clan of carbonaceous chondrites that formed in the same region of the early solar system. However, the conditions under which the COs formed must have been different from the conditions under which the CVs formed because there are obvious differences.

NWA 1232

March 2001, Morocco
2.7 kg
primary aqueous alteration !

detailed article about NWA1232


NWA 1232 00

Individual with fusion crust and an open window


Price on request

NWA 1232 01

Nice endcut with fusion crust and lithology B clast


$ 2800

NWA 1232 02

Slice with fusion crust and lithology B clast


Price on request

NWA 1232 03

Slice with lithology B and dark  clasts



NWA 1232 04

Slice with unusual clast


$ 800

NWA 1232 05

Lithology B Slice with fusion crust , Rare !!!



NWA 1232 06

Thin slice with several clasts



NWA 1232 07

Thick slice


260 $

NWA 1232 08

Nice slice with various inclusions !

11.65 gr



NWA 1232 09

Nice and thin slice with inclusion 

6.67 gr now broken, price reduced to 400$

Broken 550 $

NWA 1232 10

Nice thick slice with various visible breccia !

13.43 gr


NWA 1232 11

Nice slice with a pretty lithology B clast !

6.34 gr



NWA 1232 12

Nice slice with visible breccia and crust!



NWA 1232 13

Tiny but so pretty thin slice !



NWA 1232-000

A superb endcut with two colors and fusion crust !


price on request



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