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CK Group

The meteorites of this group are named for Karoonda, a meteorite that fell in Australia in 1930. There are only about 20 different CK members known if we exclude all the pairings that have been found so far in the hot deserts of Africa and on the blue-ice fields of Antarctica. Initially, those meteorites were regarded as members of the CV group and were designated as CV4-5. However, more recently, they have been given their own group since they differ in some respect from all the other carbonaceous chondrites.

The chondrites of the CK group belong to the petrologic types 3 - 6, although most of them have been classified as CK4. They are of a dark-grey or black appearance due to a high percentage of magnetite that is dispersed in a matrix of dark silicates, consisting of iron-rich olivine and pyroxene.


Carbonaceous chondrite, type III (CV3). Olivine Fa0.5-10.5

Year fell: 1983 june 25, 19 h 00, from China

TKW 4.61 kg

Ningqiang 02

Big fragment with an open window and nice chondrules

15.51 gr


Ningqiang 00

Pretty nice endcut with fusion crust for this CK anomalous

1.60 gr


Ningqiang 01

Nice fragment for this rare type

0.452 gr





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